A Look Ahead

Two years ago, people like you hit the streets to tell the newly elected Trump Administration that we would not only resist his policies to roll back progress on climate, but that we would continue to build our movement. That day we surrounded the White House in one of the largest sit-ins ever and hundreds of thousands rallied across the country for climate, jobs, and justice.

From the historic march in 2014, to the powerful action in DC 2 years ago, to the work we carry into the future, together we have set the stage for bold proposals like the Green New Deal, while driving state and local actions that not only address climate change, but are rooted in equity and a just transition.

Now, over the last 5 months, we’ve led a collaborative planning process with partners and community members around the United States to strengthen the foundation of the climate movement, engage new and existing climate activists, educate stakeholders, and fortify the issues of climate, jobs, and justice in the public discourse.

Going forward, with the help of our partners and activists [volunteers] like you, we are expanding our commitment to build a broader, more diverse climate movement at the local, state and national level.

Here’s what that looks like:

Driving Momentum around the Green New Deal:

The momentum around the Green New Deal is no joke — it’s clear that there’s a huge appetite in our country for comprehensive solutions to address the climate crisis, presenting the opportunity for bold and concrete legislation on climate change, jobs, and racial and economic justice. Going forward, we’ll be working to continue conversations around how Green New Deal can strengthen our communities, address climate change and create economic opportunities for all.

An Expanded Community Dialogue Process:

Over the next few months, we’ll be talking to hundreds of partners and activists across the country in a series of organizing meetings, both in-person and online (For an example of these digital conversations, check out this town hall we co-hosted last week with Grist around what the Green New Deal could mean for communities of color).

These meetings will inform our campaign priorities moving forward, identify how to best support local and state partners in their work addressing climate change, and provide concrete input into the Green New Deal policy making process. Stay tuned for how you can get involved.

Building Long Term Power

What we marched for 2 years ago stands true today: to change everything, it takes everyone. Over the next few months, Peoples Climate Movement and our partners will be mapping out a multi-year campaign that will build power in communities at the local, state, and national level in order to win on climate, jobs, and justice. We will work to build a plan that maps out a ten-year vision to address climate change and transform our economy.

We can’t do this without you — we hope you’ll stand with us, and help Peoples Climate Movement fight for a safe and just future for all.






Take action and join the fight for a safer climate, better jobs and justice for all.