It’s Time for Bold Action

Share What You'd Like to See In a Green New Deal

Runaway wildfires, killer storms, and stark government reports have made clear the dire consequences of inaction around climate — Congress must act now to pass a comprehensive policy that addresses climate change, creates new living-wage jobs, and is centered on racial and economic justice. A bold program like the Green New Deal is a good start to achieving these goals.

What is the Green New Deal?

There’s no set policy in place just yet, but the idea of a Green New Deal is this: comprehensive legislation that addresses climate change, creates new, living-wage jobs, and is centered on racial and economic justice. A Green New Deal should mirror the Peoples Climate Movement platform that hundreds of thousands have marched in support of in the past few years. This Grist video is a helpful explainer.

Our friends over at Sunrise Movement have been leading the initial charge to drive a Green New Deal, and there’s a lot of excitement building around it.

What should a Green New Deal include?

We here at Peoples Climate Movement believe that any concrete climate change legislation, like a Green New Deal, must ensure

  • 100% Clean and Renewable energy.
  • A just transition to a new clean energy economy, that includes jobs with a family-sustaining wage and the right to unionize that benefit people of color, displaced workers, and poor communities.
  • A thorough response to the historical and present-day experiences of low-income communities, communities of color, indigenous communities, rural and urban communities and the front-line communities most affected by climate change, pollution and other environmental harm.
  • Prioritization of resilience, relief, and recovery resources such as access to healthcare, community investments, housing, and job training and placement to the most vulnerable communities, including people of color, low-income people, and frontline communities.

What should the process for a Green New Deal look like?

As legislation like a Green New Deal takes shape, everyone needs to be at the table. Those sectors and communities with the greatest stake need to be in leadership – workers, unions, communities of color, rural communities, and frontline communities.

As all Americans are impacted by climate change, all Americans deserve to have their voices heard on what comprehensive climate legislation means to them: Share what policies you’d like to see included in a Green New Deal today.