Pledge to Take Action in 2018

In 2018, take the pledge to hit the streets and take action for Climate, Jobs, and Justice.

Since becoming President, Donald Trump has dismantled years of critical climate, jobs, and justice wins. He has defaulted on global climate commitments; appointed CEOs who poison our environment; signed orders attacking immigrants, refugees, and trans people; and provided a national platform for white supremacy.

But we’re resisting: marching by the hundreds of thousands across the country. We’re building: strengthening relationships across and within movements. And we’re rising: young people are rallying around leaders pledging to cut emissions, union workers and faith leaders creating sanctuaries for immigrants under attack, and citizens calling out bigotry wherever it’s found.

On September 8th, from Miami to Minneapolis to Mendocino, we will take to the streets to demand climate action from our leaders. We are calling on people from across the United States to pledge to take action with us.