Tell Governor Polis to Keep His Promise to Colorado Workers and Communities

We know how important it is for Colorado to lead the way in the transition to a new, clean energy economy, one that reduces carbon emissions and takes steps to mitigate the effects of climate change.

But we also know that as we act on climate change, we must also provide protections for those most affected, including a just transition for workers, and justice for those on the front lines of climate change.

That is why we strongly support the legislation in House Bill 1314, which would provide opportunities for workers and communities to transition from coal to other careers and industries.

We must do right by all the men and women in today’s energy workforce, and ensure a just transition to the clean energy future that we need. Join us in taking action today

During his State of the State address this year, Governor Jared Polis stated, “Some of the hardest-working people in Colorado today work in the coal and oil-and-gas industries and we will not leave them behind. We will embrace the skills and experience these Coloradans bring to the table.  Their help will be needed and rewarded at every single step of this transition. And we will support the communities these jobs have sustained, to ensure they can continue to thrive in the renewable-energy economy.” HB 1314 ensures coal dependent workers and communities are not left behind, and we need to remind Governor Polis of his commitment.