Our Plan

On September 8th, from Miami to Minneapolis to Mendocino, we took to the streets to demand action and accountability on climate, jobs, and justice. Now, in the months to follow and well into 2019, we will fight to keep our demands on the national agenda.

Leading up to September 8th and the Global Climate Action Summit, Peoples Climate Movement helped to organize over 300 events across the country, including a 30,000 person march in San Francisco to demand bold action on climate from our leaders.

As we head into November and beyond, PCM is hard at work educating and energizing climate, jobs, and justice voters across the country, taking our work from a moment to a movement.

The PCM 2018 Plan has strengthened the foundation of the climate movement; engaged existing and new climate activists; educated stakeholders, and fortified the issues of climate, jobs, and justice in the public discourse.









On November 6th, from Miami to Minneapolis to Mendocino, we will take to the ballot box to demand climate action from our leaders.