Our Plan

Since 2014, from Miami to Minneapolis to Mendocino, we’ve taken to the streets, mobilized communities, and educated voters to demand action and accountability on climate, jobs, and justice. Now, as we look towards 2020 and beyond, we will fight to keep our demands on the national agenda.

Leading up to September 8th 2018 and the Global Climate Action Summit, Peoples Climate Movement helped to organize over 300 events across the country, including a 30,000 person march in San Francisco to demand bold action on climate from our leaders.

In November 2018, PCM worked to educate and energize climate, jobs, and justice voters across the country, taking our work from a moment to a movement.

And in 2019 we’ve been conducting a collaborative planning process with partners acrooss the country, while engaging with actions like the youth climate strikes, and advocating for the Green New Deal.

We’ll continue to fight for climate, jobs, and justice — join us.






Take action and join the fight for a safer climate, better jobs and justice for all.