We envision a world where our private and public leaders prioritize the protection of our planet; where solutions to remedy climate change are equitable, lift up those that are most impacted, and are rooted in racial and economic justice; and where facts win out over fiction and there is universal agreement about the impacts of climate change on the earth and all of its inhabitants.

We envision a world where a just transition to a clean and renewable energy economy creates millions of new, good jobs that can be unionized, provide family-sustaining wages, and foster professional and personal satisfaction; where returns on new energy investments go to those who have for decades been hardest hit and/or left behind; and where race, gender, income, and sexual identity don’t impact access to clean air and water.

We envision a world where job creation benefits everyone – especially displaced and workers of color; where people of all economic backgrounds can live in communities free from degradation; and where respect for the earth is mirrored in the respect we have for each other.


Below are links to more information about our vision, our platform, and our organizational principles. 

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