Our Platform

The Peoples Climate Movement believes in a transition to a new energy and economic future. As a national network of environmental, labor, economic justice, climate justice, faith, youth, and community organizations, we believe in working together to build a larger, stronger, and more powerful social movement that can address not just climate change, but racial, environmental, and economic inequity.

Every day, increasingly frequent crises and natural disasters illustrate a catastrophic global environmental imbalance. Hurricanes, wildfires, and mudslides echo an ongoing political shift away from an empowered populace and toward a power-grabbing corporate oligarchy.

We believe that a just transition to a new energy and economic future must, and will, rebuild, renew, and restore the balance between people, the environment, and our economy. That balance will only be achieved when we prioritize the well-being of people over profit, protect and strengthen front-line communities, mandate racial and cultural equity for those too often left out or left behind, and invest in institutions that strengthen and enhance the common good of all people while combating the crisis of climate change. 

To achieve a just transition to a new energy and economic future, the Peoples Climate Movement believes our existing partners as well as other progressive, democratic organizations and leaders in government, the private sector, civil society, and academia must pursue the following strategies:

100% Clean and Renewable Future 

We must drastically and rapidly cut emissions that cause the climate crisis by investing in a 100% clean energy economy that will create millions of new jobs to rebuild and transform energy infrastructure, strengthen and expand mass transit systems, bolster manufacturing, improve energy efficiency in building stock, and transition to electric vehicles.

Economic Opportunity for Everyone

Climate action must lift up people of color, workers, and poor communities. Everyone, particularly those communities hardest hit by natural and economic disasters, should have the opportunity to benefit from the billions of public and private investments being made, not just the 1%.  Everyone should have equal access, opportunity, and support to get a good job.

Prioritizing a Just Resilience, Relief and Recovery

Responding to climate crises and natural disasters requires thoughtful and compassionate planning well before an event occurs. We believe in a community-centered, just approach to resilience that prioritizes connecting relief and recovery – like access to healthcare, community investments, housing, and job training and placement – to the most vulnerable and often hardest hit, including people of color, low-income people, and frontline communities.

Union Wages that Support a Family

Every new job created to address the climate crisis must be unionized or have the right to unionize without interference and pay a family-sustaining wage. Jobs created should be targeted to low-income and unemployed people, displaced workers, and people of color.

Pollution-Free Communities and Workplaces

The causes of climate change not only warm our planet but harm communities across the country. As we transition, we must fight to make sure that every person has clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, and can live in a community and workplace free from environmental degradation.

Protection of Workers

A just transition must ensure that workers, families, and their communities, which have been the backbone of the US economy for more than a century, are protected and cared for if job losses occurs. This involves full support for wages and benefits for each worker, as well as significant investment for communities that rely on facilities for a tax base.

Below are links to more information about our vision, our platform, and our organizational principles. 

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