Press Release — April 29, 2017

Peoples Climate March Shows Massive Strength of Resistance on Trump’s 100th Day in Office

SATURDAY, April 29, 10:30 AM
Contact: Sharon Singh,; 202.499.9565

March Showcases Broad-based Coalition,Demands End to Attacks on Workers, Families, Communities and the Planet

Washington, D.C. — Huge crowds will take to the streets in Washington, D.C. and at over 375 sister marches across the country today for the Peoples Climate March, a mobilization for climate, jobs and justice.

At Union Square, near the U.S. Capitol, speakers from across the country including a pastor from South Carolina, a nurse affected by Hurricane Sandy, an indigenous community leader from the Gulf Coast, a student activist from Las Vegas, an Iraq war veteran, a Muslim imam, a local Washington, DC community activist, a shop steward and labor leader and a young advocate for low-income communities.

“This march grew out of the relationship building among some of the country’s most important progressive organizations and movements,” said Paul Getsos, National Coordinator for the Peoples Climate Movement. “In 2014, the march was planned as a singular moment to pressure global leaders to act on climate change. There was a simple demand – act. This march was planned before the election as a strategic moment to continue to build power to move our leaders to act on climate while creating family-sustaining jobs, investing in frontline and indigenous communities and protecting workers who will be impacted by the transition to a new clean and renewable energy economy.”

The march is continuing down Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House for its statement of collective resistance and power. Participants will encircle the White House, sit down for a heartbeat action for 100 seconds and then rise up to loud roar.

“The solidarity that exists between all of us is the key to having a strong, fair economy and a clean, safe environment,” said Kim Glas, Executive Director, BlueGreen Alliance. “We can tackle climate change in a way that will ensure all Americans have the opportunity to prosper with quality jobs and live in neighborhoods where they can breathe their air and drink their water. Together we will build a clean economy that leaves no one behind.”

Marchers will head south on 17th Street, NW, for a post-march rally featuring cultural performances and community speakers along with a variety of art installations and other activities.

“When are communities are most threatened by climate; the solutions we build must allow us to have control of our resources and the energy we produce in an equitable and truly democratic way,” said Angela Adrar, Executive Director, Climate Justice Alliance. “They must create meaningful work that allows people to grow and develop to their fullest capacity. They must allow us to retain culture and traditions from our ancestors and give us the freedom of self-determination we so deserve so that we can thrive. This does not come easy and it must come with resistance and visionary opposition. Our existence depends on it.”

“Today’s actions are not for one day or one week or one year,” said Getsos. “We are a movement that is getting stronger everyday for our families, our communities and our planet. To change everything, we need everyone.”


The Peoples Climate Movement is a broad based coalition of environmental, immigrant, youth, indigenous, Latino, racial justice, economic justice, and faith-based groups and labor unions demanding an economy and a government that works for working people and the planet.

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