Press Release — May 1, 2017

The Peoples Climate Movement Stands Firmly in Solidarity with May Day National Day of Action

May 1, 2017

‘Truth to Justice’ Week of Action to Close with Marches

Washington, D.C. — Two days after hundreds of thousands of people filled the streets in Washington, DC, across the country and around the world for Peoples Climate March, people are rising up today for another national day of action: Beyond the Moment. Hundreds of actions are occurring across over the country, from Seattle to Maine to Green Bay to Miami, all demanding labor rights, immigrant rights, reproductive rights, criminal justice, Indigenous rights, Black liberation, gender justice and LGBT rights.

“Not only do we share common goals, we share a vision for an economy that works for all of us, not just the one percent,” said Paul Getsos, National Coordinator for the Peoples Climate March. “More than anything, what we need now is to continue building across issue areas and organizations. We are getting stronger everyday. That’s why we marched this Saturday and that’s why we’re marching on May Day.”

The May Day actions are being coordinated by a coalition of immigrant justice, racial justice, economic justice, environmental justice and multi-issue advocacy groups, many of which share affiliation between both the Peoples Climate Movement and the Beyond the Moment National Day of Action.


The Peoples Climate Movement is a broad based coalition of environmental, immigrant, youth, indigenous, Latino, racial justice, economic justice, and faith-based groups and labor unions demanding an economy and a government that works for working people and the planet.

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