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The main national hashtag is #ClimateMarch — follow the momentum and share your own content using it.

You can also use #PeoplesClimate.



Spread the word

Here are five things you can do right away to spread the word via social media:


Sample Graphics

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Sample text for posts

Facebook + Instagram
Our communities and the climate are under attack. April 29, join people across the United States as we march for a clean energy economy that works for all of us. A historic resistance against Trump’s administration is rising to action — which means now is the time to push for a new vision.
Resistance against Trump’s agenda is needed more than ever. April 29, let’s march for the world we want to build — for our jobs, justice, and the climate. Together we can send a powerful message that we want a clean energy economy that works for everyone, and push every other politician to sprint as far ahead as possible.
We need to stand together to protect our climate, our health, and our communities. Part of that is resisting Trump’s agenda — but it’s also crucial that we build a vision of the world we want, and rise together to make it possible.
I’m marching on 4/29. To build the world we want we must stand up for jobs, justice, and the climate. #ClimateMarch
We can chart a path away from Trump’s agenda and towards a clean energy economy — if we work together. #ClimateMarch
There is a historic resistance to Trump’s attacks on people and planet. 4/29 we are standing together: #ClimateMarch
To change everything, we need everyone. On April 29, let’s march for jobs, justice, and the climate: #ClimateMarch