State Collaborations

Our 2018 state work will strengthen the foundation of the climate movement, engage existing and new climate activists, and help achieve local and state-level policy wins.

PCM is both confident in and proud of, the state and local level climate movement. Our partners on the ground have demonstrated a palpable eagerness to transform the ‘moment energy’ surrounding mass mobilizations into sustainable, long-term ‘movement action’.

Accordingly, the State Collaboration Movement-Building Work will help build broad-based collaborations around climate, jobs, and justice; strengthen relationships across sectors, perhaps most importantly between environmental organizations and labor; and build power and infrastructure to keep the movement alive and strong. PCM has developed criteria to determine which states make sense for engagement. Currently, we are assessing FL, CO, IL, MI, and MN – all states where PCM partners have expressed an interest in building out local “PCM” tables, there is a history of PCM mobilizations, and/or there is an opportunity to engage in proactive climate, jobs, and justice policy.

Below are the current State Collaborations.


COLORADO ILLINOIS Michigan Minnesota









On November 6th, from Miami to Minneapolis to Mendocino, we will take to the ballot box to demand climate action from our leaders.