Terms of Use

Terms of Use Regarding Participant Data, Technologies and Services for Participating Organizations in the People’s Climate Movement

In September of 2018, the People’s Climate Movement (PCM) will host events in locations all around the United States. We hope that the PCM will continue to set a new standard for how a variety of diverse Participating Organizations can effectively collaborate to address the most pressing problems facing our planet. These Terms of Use are designed to enable Participating Organizations to uphold their privacy commitments to their members and to preserve control over their members’ data, while enabling close collaboration among Participating Organizations to maximize turnout for the PCM.

Your Participating Organization may use any means at all to drive potential PCM participants to the PCM website, at www.PeoplesClimate.org. If you agree to use a special tracking code, we will be able to track precisely which users your organization drives to the site.

Your Participating Organization’s data will never be sold, and it will never be used by anyone other than your Participating Organization, PCM and/or the organizing table as administrators. Volunteers or organizations approved by PCM will have access to individual records for the purpose of contacting them and indicating their responses to raise turnout to the PCM. Such volunteers and organizations will not have the ability to export, save or otherwise download your Participating Organization’s data.

People’s Climate Movement staff and volunteers will use the information in the database to turn out as many people as possible to the People’s Climate Movement – they’ll use the data to send emails and make telephone calls.

These Terms of Use have been modified by PCM, and will apply to any Participating Organization that does not have a separate Memorandum of Understanding with US Climate Action Network. Please note that if your Participating Organization requires different policy PCM is happy to alter the terms and sign a separate Memorandum of Understanding with your organization. Please contact Paul [at] peoplesclimate.org if you are interested in this option, or want more detail on these Terms of Use.

Unless your organization has a separately-signed MOU with PCM, these Terms of Use will guide our interactions.







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