Getting to the March

We are still confirming final details on exact march route and meeting locations. However, it will be in the vicinity of the White House, Mall, and Capitol — all highly accessible areas of Washington D.C.

In general, taking mass transit is highly advised. Parking will be very limited, as there will likely be road closures throughout the area that may impact accessibility.

Find a Bus Near You

Organize a Bus

Organizing a private bus is a great, cost-effective way to help bring people from your community or group to join the PCM. It’s also a great organizing tool to build the capacity of your local groups and share a powerful experience together. They can seat anywhere from 15 – 55 people, and we can help you with logistics for this.

You might have a local bus company that you’re used to using. If so, great! If not, you might want to check out charter companies and get quotes on prices at,, or

If you are interested in organizing a bus from your community, please fill out this form:
Start a Bus

If you are organizing a bus specifically for union members, click here.

Buses will be parking at RFK Stadium in Lot 8, located at   The cost of parking is $65. You can reserve & pay for your bus parking spot in advance through the RFK website here.

We have lots of resources and a toolkit to help you do this effectively – and lots of tips on how to save on costs, connect you with other interested riders, and also use this as a powerful organizing tool with your community. If you are already organizing a bus, you should also fill out the form.

As a quick note, if you’re chartering a bus, you’ll still likely need to use public transit to get from your parking spot or drop off point to the march site. See next section for information on how to buy metro cards in advance.

Public Transit

The Metro system in D.C. is relatively easy to use, and connects to various regional transit systems.

If you are driving in, consider parking at a Metro stop further away and taking the train in. If you are taking a chartered bus, you will still likely have to take a Metro from where your bus drops you or parks.

You should consider buying a DC Metro card in advance.  Many people purchasing cards at once at the Metro machines can delay people on long lines.  You can buy cards in advance here:

We will list specific Metro lines and stops that will be best to use shortly.  Please note that there will be track work being done on April 29th, and some of the complexities will be out of our control! Bring good walking shoes and lots of patience. You can find more information about the DC area bus and metro options at

Trains / Amtrak and Public Regional Buses

Amtrak has good service into DC, and in fact, they offer group sales with discounted group rates. If you have 75 people you can sometimes reserve an entire car and use it as an organizing space too! You can find our more about that on Amtrak’s website:

There are also many services that offer regional bus transit – you can buy individual seats, or also sometimes group rates. Costs can be very reasonable, especially if you buy early. A few options to consider are:

Rideshares and Car Pools

Need a ride to PCM? Are you driving to PCM and have room? eRideShare is a great rideshare system where you can connect with other potential carpoolers. Click here to visit their Peoples Climate March-specific page.

Travel Stipends and Financial support

We want to ensure that as many people that want to attend PCM can. We have limited funds available to support group (not individual) travel to D.C. – and we want to prioritize making sure that the PCM reflects the diversity of people who care about, and are most impacted by the climate crisis. This funding can help offset the costs of private charter buses or van rentals — please contact for more info.

If you can offer financial support to lower the costs of other people attending PCM, please donate here.

Electric Cars

Drive your Clean-transportation EV or join an EV caravan!  Electric vehicle owners want to highlight EV’s as one of the answers to our future of clean air and oil independence.  There’s a group of them organizing a delegation to come to the PCM together…and they also want to offer up carpools for people coming from places where drivers are in motion.  Feel free to check them out at the link here and connect up to their efforts.

The Peoples Climate Movement is providing transportation information as a clearinghouse to assist the public to participate in the March. We cannot endorse or examine the quality, reliability or safety of any transportation options, and accepts no responsibility for the nature of such options.  Accordingly, we must disclaim any and all liability for any claims for any type of harm associated with the use of any transportation options or information offered on the site and selected by attendees. If you use any transportation options or information provided on the site, you do so at your own risk. You should investigate and use your independent judgment regarding the merits, quality and reputation of any transportation options or information that you find on the site.