Vote for Climate, Jobs, and Justice

The only way to build the future we want for climate, jobs, and justice is to ensure that voters understand the stakes around climate change, and then vote. That’s why we’re taking the energy built through our day of action on September 8th, and driving that momentum towards this November, 2020, and beyond. 

By organizing around the election, we can make it clear to our political leaders at every level that we are demanding bold action on a clean energy future, family sustaining jobs, and justice for people of all race, gender, sexuality, class, and immigration status. Join us in the fight for a clean energy future that helps to stop climate change no matter your age, status, or where you live. 

One phone call, one door knock, one conversation at a time – this is how we build the power of a movement for climate, jobs and justice. You can do your part by signing up to volunteer below, or if you’re not sure you can join our weekly volunteer training calls on Wednesdays at 8 PM EST Together, we can make sure our voices are heard.

Where We’re Working


In Washington state, some of the biggest polluters in the country are seriously scared about a new initiative on the ballot this year. Initiative 1631 is aiming to enact the most ambitious climate legislation in our country’s history by placing a pollution fee on Washington’s most harmful polluters. The revenue from the fee will then be reinvested in clean energy, healthy forests, and frontline communities. You can learn more about the specifics of the ballot initiative at YesOn1631.org.

Over 200 organizations have signed on in support of I-1631, from environmental groups, to organized labor, to indigenous communities, faith communities, communities of color, and more. 

This is also the type of groundbreaking legislation that could serve as a model for the rest of the country. Helping to pass this initiative in Washington state will set the table for other states to push for similar legislation, and show that taking concrete steps to address climate, jobs, and justice, is possible.

Whether or not you live in Washington, we’ve got ways for you to take action and help set a climate precedent for the rest of the nation to follow. Together, we can make history.

Take Action


In Illinois, we’re working with our partners on the ground to make sure that all voters are registered, educated, and prepared to vote this November. By signing up to work with PCM in Illinois, you can help make sure that climate, jobs, and justice are issues that all voters are hearing about as they head to the polls.

Take Action


In Minnesota, our partners are leading non-partisan efforts to make sure that all voters are ready to go for this November’s elections. By connecting with people around a big issue on a personal level, articulating our values, and creating a sense of community, we hope to make climate justice a voting issue and bring new voters to the polls.

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