#PeoplesClimate March is still at the top of Google News. It's still trending on Facebook and Twitter. Our message is getting out there!Retweet
Ha! @BorowitzReport "People’s Climate March, left a broad majority of the nation’s idiots unconvinced." @NewYorker
WOW! @CreeClayton - your video from the moment of silence then large roar today is so powerful #PeoplesClimateRetweet
Empire State Building is green. Hope that's an homage to the #PeoplesClimate March today.
THANK YOU to everyone who joined the global #PeoplesClimate Mobilization. Safe travels home and get some rest.
UPDATE: Final count from NYC march is 400,000! #PeoplesClimate #PeopleClimateMarch #ClimateMarchRetweet
It's been 3 hours since the #PeoplesClimate March finished and there's still 173 tweets a minute about it. Wow!Retweet
#Australia really turned out 30.000 in #Melbourne, 4.000 in #Sydney, 5.000 in #Brisbane, 1.500 in #Perth, 1.500 in #Canberra #PeoplesClimateRetweet
Here are some numbers from the global actions: 4.000 to 5.000 in Rio, 1.500 Madrid 2.000 Barcelona, 2000 to 2.500 in Delhi #PeoplesClimateRetweet
Yes, the press did cover #PeoplesClimate. Here we are on the front page of some of the biggest sites on the internet:
Here's our @Flickr of some of our favorite photos from the #NYC March today. Thanks @survivalmedia #PeoplesClimateRetweet
6 hours later, the #PeoplesClimate March in New York has finally wrapped up. You did an incredible thing today, friends. 310,000 strong.Retweet
So many beautiful photos from today - here's one of our favorites: #PeoplesClimateRetweet
Overheard in media office "There's a reasonably good article in @FoxNews with the right number"Retweet

People's Climate March

To Change Everything, We Need Everyone.

100+ world leaders gathered in NYC. 2808 solidarity events in 166 countries. The largest climate march in history.

Add your voice to today’s massive call for climate action:

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